Friday, December 11, 2015

Final Blog 2015

Our year at this school has finally came to an end. I am blessed to have grown in Faith, Hope and Love with my fellow peers. I will truly miss Saint Pius X Catholic School. Farewell.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Cultural Festival 2015

On November 6th, a group of students from our school got a chance to perform at Bailey Road. It was fun and exciting. Hope you enjoy!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

PAT Maths Test

This morning Room 7 had a PAT maths test. Maths was my strongest subject. I looking forward to the test along with my friends I was very nervous because in my reading test I didn't do well. I did my VERY BEST to finish the test. 

During the test, the questions got harder and harder.  When I finished the test I felt like I did well along with my class room mates. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Touch, Kiwisport


In this picture, it shows us that we were listening to the instructor. It was my first Touch lesson. I was very excited to play. Our instructor taught us some moves for Touch. We were splitted into two teams. I was in the yellow team. We played a game called Breakout. I had a wonderful time in my first Touch lesson. I have learnt a lot of moves and hope I can use them in a Touch game.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Recount Writing

In the last day of the holidays, my family and I went to Valentines & Movies to celebrate White Sunday. It was a beautiful and sunny day. First of all we went to Church. The church was full of people in white clothes. After it had finished we went home and got changed. After we got organised, we jumped on the car and off we went. First we went to Valentines. Once we reached Valentines I saw a crowd of people heading inside. We parked our car and proceeded inside.

When I got inside the reception area, my Mum booked a table and we all went inside. The place was full of island people. We looked for our table and headed to get our food. It took a long time to get our food. While we moved along all the plates, forks, knives and spoon runs out. Finally we had got our food. We headed back to the table and ate. I had fish & chips with a burger. Once we had finished, we got our dessert, the dessert was rich and delicious.

Later on we had headed off to the Movies. I was still hungry. It took along time to get to Sylvia Park because of the traffic. From time to time we had finally got there. My Mum and my sisters went to get popcorn and drinks while me and my brother wandered around. We gazed at the clothing and the games. Next we headed up to the cinemas.

We booked a movie and headed to the gaming room. The movie we were going to watch was Pixels. We waited until the movie started. While we were waiting, my mum gave me $2 to play a game. It was time to watch the movie but first we had to hand over the tickets. Once we got inside, the movie had already started. The room was pitch black and I couldn't see a thing. We got to our seat and brought out the popcorn and drinks.

The movie was loud and good. After a great day, we travelled back home and went to sleep to get ready for school the next day.

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