Tuesday, May 29, 2012


You can only used this object when you are at Orienteering walk or run

 Orienteering is a sport where you think all the time.

You need to be able to read a map.

Any person can play Orienteering even when people have broken arms, broken legs or a person in a wheelchair.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Howick Historical Village

My favourite thing from our trip to Howick Historical Village was the Parlour games. We had some olden day teacher called Mrs Dodd. Mrs Dodd told the girls to wipe their shoes before we got inside. Mrs Dodd told the boys to do what the girls did and we did. The house was big it even had stairs.

When the boys got inside we saw the girls in line then Mrs Dodd told the boys to get in line like the girls. After that Mrs Dodds told us to get in groups so Miss G said “why don’t we use the team that we did in the Scavenger hunt?” so we got in the teams.

The first game was the String Game. We got a string and put it over our head to our feet or we could do it the other way. My group won two times, one was a draw. Our teams names were Lakers and the other team was the Dragons.

It was time to play another game this game was called Neck and Ball. Here is how to play the game, the person beside you will give you the ball to your neck and you have to give the ball to the next person’s neck. We won again two times.

After the game Mrs Dodd told us to make a circle and a person gets a blindfold and a big pillow. Mrs Dodd spins you around until you are dizzy and you have to walk up to anyone and drop the pillow to the front of the person then you have to say Squeak Piggy Squeak. The person you drop the pillow has to a sound like a pig. It was finally my turn, Mrs Dodd spun me around and I got dizzy. I walked up and I dropped the pillow and I said “Squeak, Piggy Squeak” and the person sound like a pig. It was other students turn and it took ages to finish.

Finally we get to look around the house. Then we went into groups to look around the house. The bell rang for lunch. I had fun playing in the house and it was cool when we played games.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Holy spirit

The fire is the symbol of the Holy Spirit when the bush was on fire.

The water is a symbol of the Holy Spirit when God told Moses to pick up his stick and God made the water part to the sides.

The wind is the symbol of the Holy spirit by coming to the Apostles as tongues of fire. 

Reflection - Term 2

My favourite thing that I did this term is Basketball because I learnt how to dribble a ball.

The thing that I found the hardest is the gloss test because when it was my turn to the gloss test I got nervous.

I enjoy playing at maths whizz because it helps me learn more maths.  

Friday, May 4, 2012

Koru Art

They were five children in the sea and the mum and dad was going looking for some fish then they came back and got some fish and they were eating the fish.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Holy Faith Sister


Holy Faith sisters are nuns that take care of people and they are holy.
Holy Faith sisters started our school in 1958.Holy Faith sisters started our school because they wanted children to learn.