Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Temptation

To identify how Jesus was empowered by the Holy Spirit to do his mission

What Happened?  Jesus was tempted by the Devil

Who Was There? Satan & Jesus

Where Was It Happened?  In the desert, a very mountain and a large kingdom

Has The Spirit Worked In Jesus? By given strengthen to Jesus.

Friday, May 15, 2015

A voice is heard, while the sky was opened.

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An amazing scene takes place here at the river Jordan, while Jesus was being baptised. This took part during the afternoon. A voice was heard, the sky opened and a dove was seen. The people who were there to witness were amazed and scared.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

First Swimming Lesson

First Swimming Lesson!

It was Room 7 first swimming lesson.   It finally hit 12:00 o'clock.  We were all excited. “ Stop what you are doing and look at me” Mrs Pole said.  She told the students who are swimming to get their bags and head off to court.  

She also said to those who aren’t swimming to get there pencil and book and go to the court.  Once we got to the court, we all got changed in the tent.  Once we finish getting changed, we went and sat down outside the pool.  We were waiting for Room 6 to finish their turn.  

When Room 6 finished their turn, they got the bags and head off to the toilets.  We all went inside. We hang our towels when we got in.  Pam was one of the instructors.  She told us only 4 people at a time go in first.  This is to test if we could swim.  There were two more instructors in the pool.

There names were Emma and Joseph.  It was finally my turn to go in the pool.  Pam told me and Patrick to go to Emma.  When I touch the pool it felt cold, I was jumping and shaking in the same time.  Emma told us some swimming moves.  

We hopped off, and waited for every to have their turn. We were split up into two groups. We all went back into the pool.  I was in Group 2, with most of the boys. Group 1 went to Victor and our group went to Emma.  The first swimming lesson we did was gliding.  Emma hand out the boards, and told us to glide.  

The lesson we did were awesome because Emma taught us some new swimming moves I haven’t done.  My favourite part was the end. At the end we had a race. I challenge Justin, but he was to fast for me.  Our first swimming lesson was great.

Maths Problem

Today in maths I am learning to solve story problems using strategies. I hope you learn a strategies.

                                                                 Ka Kite Ano