Friday, March 30, 2012

Holy Week

Holy week is the last week of lent during that time.
On the first day Jesus rode a donkey to Jerusalem and people waved the palms leaves up high and down low.

On the second day Jesus went to the temple and people turned it into a market place then Jesus healed the lepers.

On the third day Jesus had a last supper with his disciples and he said “take the bread and eat it, this is my body” then he said “take this wine and drink it, this is my blood to remember me”.

On the fourth day Jesus went up to the mountain and said “father please can you take this cup away from me, but if you want me to die on the cross I will.

My Soul Friend

A soul friend is precious person to talk to and to help to take of you.  My soul friend name is Hendrix. He is 7 years old his favourite subject is reading because he likes to read. His favourite colour is blue because its a boys colour. He likes to play games in school because it cool.

We had a Soul Friend and a St Patrick mass but my soul friend wasn’t here so I sat with another soul friend, it was Anthony and Taiwan. The mass started so we stood up and sang the song. After we sang we sat down and Father began to talk and we listen. Father was talking about St Patrick when he was sixteen he was court by Ireland people and was a salver. One day Patrick was in Ireland and he ran away from Ireland. Then he came back from Ireland and told the people about a shamrock then father told us to sit and we did. After that father told us to face our soul friend and father said some words about our soul friends. The soul friend mass was great.

It is good to have a soul friend because i like having someone to talk, play and share your stuff with.

Monday, March 26, 2012

My opinion

My opinion of this movie is great because they did cool stuff. When they were dancing and their costumes were glowing in the dark they were blue and yellow. When they were presenting on stage there was two boys in the air.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Discribing Rubbish

ovetto recycled recycling bin 

Compost - Compost is very smelly and ugly. Compost is for wasted food.

Recyclable - Recyclable things are glass, empty bottles and plastic stuff.

Trash - Trash is for smelly stuff, like smelly socks,clothes,beds and for light bowl.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Extraordinary Earthworms

1. Earthworms is very important because they make
   the soil healthy for the plants to grow.
2. Earthworms poo is called casts.
3. Earthworms wee is used for the garden.