Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Missing Baby


One hot day a family was going on a holiday. When they went to get the baby that was sleeping the baby disappeared.


The parents called the police and the police came very quickly. There were lot of policies. The police check the whole house.

There found a baby's bottle. They went to check the room and the room was a mess. The cops check under the bed and found the baby’s blanket. A man was looking at the police.

Once a police looked at him, the police went over. Another cop went with him. The cop said “What is your name?” The man said

“My name is Jack and what are you doing here.” The police said “Have you seen this baby.

He is missing and we need some clues?” Jack replied back to the cops and said “No and leave me alone.”

The cops went back to the house and sawed a rip clothes the cops said “This is Jack clothes.” They ran out of the house and sawed Jack already gone.

He went to the police car and sawed Jack running with the baby. He caught him and got the baby. The cop arrest Jack and got the baby.


The cops gave the baby to the parents and the parents went to their holiday happy ever after.             

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