Friday, July 24, 2015

A Visit To Taiwan

It was the end of the day at school, I and some of the students in my class went to go visit Taiwan, my friend, in the hospital.  We were all excited to see him. We got our bags and waited for Mrs Tui.  While we were waiting, we wandered through the hallway looking at the class photo’s.

Finally Mrs Tui’s meeting was over.  We squashed through Mrs Tui’s little car and off we went.  While we were waiting to get there, Mrs Tui turned up the volume and we all listened to music.

Finally we arrived to the hospital, we were feeling very happy to see him.  We went to the Auckland Hospital to buy balloons and flowers for Taiwan.  We brought all the stuff and went to Starship.

Once we arrived, we didn't know what ward he was in. We asked the nurse for his Ward and she responded that he was in Level 5, Ward 9.  Eventually we found the ward, he was so happy to see us. Christopher said a little prayer before we started to talk to him. We give him the flowers and balloons. We had a little talk to him about his legs.

Sadly we had to say goodbye. I was very sad to say goodbye to a good friend.    

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