Friday, July 24, 2015

My Holiday Recount

It was the last two days of the holidays and I spent the last week at my cousin house. It was a rainy and muddy saturday. We were going to see my cousin’s game. We all got up and got organised. My cousin was full of excitement because he was looking forward for this game all week.

We sprinted to the car with a towel over our heads. The rain was pouring down very quickly. My uncle raced to the game because we were late. The traffic was very busy. While we were waiting, we were listening to songs.
Finally we arrived to the game, but it already started. My auntie took him to his team, while I stayed at the car with my uncle. “ Who is Christian challenging?” I asked. “ Papatoetoe” he responded. We rush to the other side of the car park and watch the game from there.

We didn’t go outside because it was raining. The rain pour very fast and heavy. I couldn’t see the game probably through the window. From time to time the rain got heavier and the grounds got more muddy. My uncle and I was really proud of  Christian because he was running hard and was tackling strong. Finally the game had finish.

We were all proud of him especially his Dad. After the game, we went and had a feed.

The End

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