Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cross Country

We got changed and were all ready for cross country. We walked up in a line to the courts and sat in our age groups, I sat in the 9 year olds group.

First up to ran was the 5 year olds the boys ran first then it went to the girls. “On your marks, get set, go” yelled Miss G, they all ran really fast but George ran faster than all of them. It was was the six year olds turn to run, first up was the boys they all ran really fast. Benna was coming first then was a change to Macky coming first and Benna was tired. Macky came first and Benna came second.

It was the girls turn to run Vanessa was coming first then it went to my sister. Vanessa came first. The seven year olds were next. “Go” said Miss G they all raced as fast as they could. Motu was coming first, Fanoulii was coming second and Viane was coming third.

“On your mark ,get set, go!” yelled Miss G and the students were cheering. Me and my friend Savelio were cheering for Patrick. Patrick was tired then he stopped, “go Samiur” said Tokilupe. I was sad because Patrick didn’t win the race.

Next it was the 13 year olds they all jogged because it was a long course, some people got a stitch. It was then the 12 year olds turn and again everyone jogged it because when they got down the hill they might be tired. 11 year olds were next followed by the 10 year olds. “Go Misiotei” I shouted.

Next up it was finally our turn to race, I got nervous but first we had to take a photo before we raced. “GO!!” shouted Miss G, I was coming last places because I was jogging. When we came down the hill I saw Simione sprinting very fast, me and Savelio were jogging it. We got very tired but me and Savelio kept on running as fast as we could.

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