Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kids for Kids Concert

The door opened and in we went to the Kids 4 Kids show. We went by van with Simione, Christopher, Savelio, Justin, Taiwan, Oscar, Oscar’s sister, Mrs Tui, Taiwan’s mum and Mrs Tui’s sister.

We arrived at the TelstraClear Centre and all the boys went to the door. I went inside and I saw everyone there. I started to look around the building until we all had to sit down on our rows, it went smallest to tallest. I was in row 5 with some other schools. Everybody sat down and the curtain was pulled and we saw our parents. The song started to play and we started to sing.

The song was over and everyone clapped for us, we sat still and waited for the next song to start. The next song was ‘Happy Days’ then ‘The Wombling Song’. That was followed by ‘Candyman’ some students did solo’s in that song. After that we sang ‘Ugly Duckling’ then ‘You must have been a beautiful baby’ which I really liked to sing.

Everyone kept clapping for us and we sat still. Now it was halftime, so we could eat and go to the toilet. When half time was over we had to line up in our row again. We stood up and we walked back to the stage. The curtain was pulled and we waited for the next song to start.

When we got to the song ‘When you wish upon star’ the soloist part was sung by students from our school Rachel and Ana. When that was finished and the next song was ‘Somewhere Out There’ and the soloists for this song were from Santa Maria.

My favourite song was ‘Sister Act Medley’ because it sounded so cool. Everyone enjoyed the concert and I enjoyed being part of it.

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