Monday, September 10, 2012

Musical Evening

“Frank, Frank” Justin called out my name. Everyone was nervous because our school was having a Musical Evening. Room 7 was doing a sausage sizzle with drinks. It was time to get in line and get ready to go into the hall.

We went inside the hall and sat on the mats. It was really packed with parents and relatives. We were all quiet and Lavina started with a welcome, she told us to say the sign of the cross in Maori. First up to perform was Room 2, they sang ‘God is love’. It was a nice song I enjoyed it.

It was the Room 7 girls to perform a Maori song and dance, it was called and the boys from Room 7 were shouting the echo part for them. Room 1 was up next with a stick song and they danced and sang.

Next up was Room 5 with a recorder song with drums and marbama. It was time for Room 4 to sing and boogie, it was a really cool song. We were all waiting for the Noisy Boys to play a beat with drums and when it was their turn, it was really cool, we all cheered for them as they did a really fast beat.

It was finally our turn to perform and Miss G told us to take our jackets off. The first song we sang was “Puppet on a string”. We finished it then the next song was “Somewhere out there”, Ana and Rachel sang the soloist part. The audience all clapped for us and we went back to sit on the mats.

It was Room 6’s turn to shine with a song that they did called ‘Twinkle Twinkle little star’ and ‘When the saints go marching in’, it was really cool.

Last but not least was Room 7 boys dancing. They did a traditional Fijian dance called ‘The Meke’. Everyone was cheering for them when it was finished.

We all had a great night at the Musical Evening and I really enjoyed it.

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