Friday, June 8, 2012

Holiday Recount

After term 1 of school it was a holiday. On Monday night I went to the movie night. We watched the movie in the hall.

They had popcorn, lollies, chocolate and drinks. Me and Simione had to take the popcorn and lollies to the people that were there. The first movie was Jack and Jill. I didn’t have time to watch it because I had to deliver the popcorn because there were heaps of people. Jack and Jill was finished and we had to eat. 

There was another movie, it was called Real Steal. That was my favourite movie because it had a robot fighting. It was 9:30pm and Lame had to stop the movie because it was getting late, but we were not tried but we wanted to keep watching it so we all shouted to "Lame, nah let'a keep watching it” but Lame said "no".

We had to stop the movie and then we had to clean up the hall because there was rubbish everywhere. We had to bring five brushes and I was playing around with Simione and then we got dropped off by Lame and we went home and my Mum was angry because we were late.

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