Friday, June 1, 2012

Tom and the Dragon

Once there were a young boy named Tom. One day Tom asked his mother “Can I go down to the pier to play?’’ “Certainly, but I have to warn you, there is a dragon.” The dragon has big sharp teeth and claws. When the dragon tells you to play chess never ever say yes, because when you beat him he will open his mouth and fire will come out of and you are dead. After you beat him in chess the dragon will ask you to play with you never ever say yes because if you do and you beat him more fire will come out and his dinner will be you. If the dragon asks you if you want to fly with him say no because if you say yes the dragon will tell you to open your eyes and look down and he will turn upside down and eat you in one bite”.

After Tom’s mum had finished telling all about the dragon Tom went down the pier and he saw the dragon in tears. Tom went up to the dragon. He was scared because his mother told him that a boy would get two swords and he would slice him. When the dragon saw Tom he was not scared they were friends so they went to the beach and played together and Tom’s mum and the dragon’s mother talked and talked.

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