Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pigeon Impossible.

Plot: Once there were a secret agent named Walter. His job is to take a suitcase to his boss While he was going to his boss’ with his donut he stopped and had a look inside. Suddenly a pigeon appeared and wanted Walter’s donut so Walter took a small piece and he threw it to the ground. The pigeon stood there but he wanted the whole donut so he went to attack Walter and Walter push the pigeon and the pigeon flies into the suitcase. The pigeon didn’t know what was in the suitcase so he tried to push the red button but he couldn’t but his body touch the button which moves the suitcase and Walter went to get the suitcase but the suitcase moved and moved then the pigeon touched the button which was the fire button. When the pigeon push it laser came out so Walter went to hide next to the shop and the pigeon shoot laser everywhere and one laser nearly hit Walter so the pigeon got a massive and he shoot it and it hit a car and it was on fire. The pigeon hit the fly button and it flies everywhere and the laser too. The pigeon turn and went after Walter and Walter run as fast as he could and the pigeon shoot the laser out and Walter jumped to the ground and the pigeon didn’t went after him again so he went for the other people. Walter found the donut and he stood up and he went to the car that was on fire and he put the donut up and the pigeon went after it and then Walter throwed the donut and it the red button so the Walter got the suitcase but the tower came down and a rocket showed up and it went up and it was going to Russia. So Walter got the suitcase he flew all the way up where the rocket was and bird came and Walter threw the donut down and Walter got a missile out and he shot it and it hit the rocket and Walter came down and saw the pigeon eating the donut as the rocket came down onto the pigeon and the pigeon was dead.

 Problem: The pigeon wanted the donut and the bomb was going to Russia.

Solution: Walter shot the missile out of his suitcase and it hit the rocket and blew it up.

Your opinion of the story: My opinion of the short movie is that it was great because Walter is a secret agent and his job was to take the suitcase to his boss but the pigeon wanted his donut but then Walter figured it out that the pigeon wanted the whole donut.

Illustration of a character doing something from the story:

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