Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Orienteering Week 1

On a sunny morning when we were doing our work Miss Tui came into the classroom and told us to stop what we were doing and come to the mat because we were going to do Orienteering. First we have to practice in the classroom before we got started. We had two orienteering teachers their names were Mr McGivern and Irene.

Mr McGivern drew a map on the board around the classroom to help us look for the clues. Some girls and boys hid a piece of paper with alphabet letters on them and then told Mr McGivern where they hid it. Mr McGivern drew where they put the piece of paper on the board. When Mr McGivern finished drawing where they put them we had to look for it. After Mr McGivern told us what to do he told us to go and find it and the clues would make a word. We went and I rushed around looking for a letter and I found one, it was an A.

Mr Mcgivern told us to come to the mat to and check to find every letter that was on the paper. We had no idea what it said but Mr McGivern gave us a clue, he told us to to read it backwards and someone said out loud “have a nice day” then everybody started to say it. 

Mr McGivern told us it was time to go to the field and have a little game of Orienteering. Mr McGivern told us to get in two groups, Mrs Denney picked the two teams, I was in my friend team and my other friends were in the other group. We went and lined up while Mr McGivern and Irene came outside the classroom. We went to the field and had a quick game before the bell rang. We had to follow Irene and the other group had to follow Mr McGivern. When we were there we saw the controls all ready. 

We had a game and when we finished we went to the next game where the other group had been doing their orienteering game. The bell rang and we had to go back to class and get our lunch.

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